May 6, 2011

By Marilyn Kentz

I’m in Orlando staying with writer/producer Jeanie Linders …and her two doggies. I’m upstairs in the lovely “coral room”. By judging her beautiful house and yard (she has such a creative flair) it’s no wonder her play was such a success. Now it’s time to launch the next edition: The Mommies.

I arrived in time to see last night’s dress rehearsal – and I’ve got to tell you I LOVE the cast. You will, too. First of all, they look like real moms; that is to say, though they are all quite adorable, they don’t “do glamorous”. Wouldn’t that be irritating? I cannot bear those television dramas and movies where the female lead is way too gorgeous to be doing an autopsy or wrangling some homeless drug dealer in her pretty uniform. Please! No, our mommies are beautiful in the ways females should be: smart, funny, charismatic, and yes, a little sexy. Like they sing it, “Mommies rock!”

Tonight is the big red carpet premier. There are flowers being delivered, limos coming, dresses to be squeezed into. I’m eager to see how the audience reacts tonight. It was so much fun last night to see the songs I wrote come to life. Our mommies have great voices – something Caryl and I lacked. We had to do the Milly-Vanilly version of our song parodies. Oh, and that’s another thing…these are not parodies, they’re original songs created by the 3 of us, mostly over the Internet. Hey, it’s fitting – the show’s called: A MUSICAL BLOG. So, there you have it. I’ll report from the plane tomorrow. We’ll be on our way to celebrate Mother’s Day with our families after having walked the red carpet. Oh my!

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