By Amanda Keefer (aka Mamma Mia)


On our way to school today five-year-old Mia blurted out, “Mom, there’s two things I’ll never do. Text while driving or have a baby.”

When I heard these words come out of Mia’s mouth, I did everything I could to keep my composure. Her serious demeanor meant one giggle out of me would send my deeply emotional child into hysterics. Calmly, I asked if she could explain. (Which, by the way, is exactly what she wanted.)

Her response was, “Well, we saw a re-enactment of what can happen when you text while driving and it was scary. I know a baby has to come out of your private area and that is scary too.”

Cherished are the moments that make me stop and look at the world through a five-year-old’s eyes.  Oh, and it makes for great material to tweet and blog about.



Amanda Keefer, Orlando, FL resident and author of The Mamma Mia Blog, began the blog in 2009 after being inspired by her witty and talkative daughter, Mia. Now, a mom of two girls, Amanda has no lack of content in her busy world. Even with a full-time career in marketing and two girls (one hanging from each leg), there’s always time to blog.  Amanda prides herself on the philosophy of working hard to be a good parent, but never working hard to be perfect.  Content includes honest accounts of real life parenting situations, tips, travel, random giveaways and local events.


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