By Marilyn Kentz
It starts when our babies are little. We make guesses as to how they will turn out. “He’s so creative, I bet he’ll be an artist.” “She’s so agile, she’s going to be a gymnast.” “She has a great voice, she’ll be a singer.” “He is always arguing, he’s bound to become a lawyer.”
When my son was only two I went to an astrologist, and she “saw” that he had an affinity for animals. I was touched that she knew him so well, and it verified my suspicion that he would grow up to be a veterinarian. One can never guess how these tendencies will actually play out. My son, the “artist/animal lover” grew up to be a taxidermist!
Who saw that one coming?
Accepting our children for who they are is the most important piece of our relationship with our young adult babies. I had to laugh when my son began his taxidermy studies. It fit him perfectly. Me? I’m a slightly spiritual pacifist, and dead animals don’t exactly fit in my world…or my décor. But when I was awarded a lovely mounted deer head for Mother’s Day last year, I had to embrace it. What was more important, a house dedicated only to trendy Buddhas and aromatic candles…or giving my son the message that I love and accept him for who he is?
But that didn’t stop me from putting pretty things around its neck.
Update: And here’s the kicker! This past January a film crew came out to Alaska where he works, and he is now one of the new stars of the History Channel’s show called Mounted in Alaska.  Who knew?


Marilyn Kentz has dedicated her career to supporting women.  During the 90’s she co-developed and appeared in The Mommies comedy show and later in the TV series.  She has co-authored three books to both empower women and give them a reason to laugh at life with her. Today she is a ghostwriter, an artist, a parent educator, and she facilitates several women’s support groups. Since her children became young adults and are out on their own, Marilyn now lives in Berkeley, California, with her husband, four Chihuahuas, two cats and two tortoises.


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