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Wonderful! Perfect outing for my daughter (who is expecting) and I. We thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you for a fabulous performance! ♥ – Angi Farrugia

I went to see this with my mom on Sunday night and absolutely loved it! I just had my first child last month so it touched on a lot of things so far and have a LOT to look forward to! The actresses were amazing and looked that they really enjoyed it too! I would definitely see this again! – Jessica Reid

Went to see The Mommies – A Musical Blog last night. It was HILARIOUSLY entertaining!!! I still have the songs stuck in my head! (Particularly the Baby Bump song) The women were so animated and had great harmonies! It touched on so many things moms go through throughout the years (from getting pregnant to empty nest). I would definitely go see it again! If any of my friends want to go see it, please let me know so I can join you! 🙂  — Cristin Kennedy Borders

Saw tonight’s opening show, Great job everyone!!!!!! Everyone who is a mommie or had a mommie can relate. Loved it!!! – Paula Ehlers

A letter to Jana Goupil,  our group sales manager:
“Thanks so much Jana! We all had a great time and laughed our butts off!!! Lots of fun!! We would all definitely recommend this performance and the theater!! I am especially thankful for all of the help that you gave me, I really appreciate it 🙂  Take Care, April Brown and friends

Had a blast yesterday afternoon. Some hilariously true points in there! –  Angela S.

I had a great time at the show yesterday! Fantastic way to spend a Sunday afternoon. – Heather M.

Enjoyed the show this afternoon. Good job ladies. Great laughs and funny stuff! – Julie K.

Great show let me know when soundtrack is available on iTunes Had a ball – Marla D.

I saw Friday night’s show with a group of Mommy friends. What an amazing show and what talented actors and crew!! Thank you so much for a great night of laughter and tears. We loved it! –  Monica H.

Is there anywhere to find the words or the song to “The Bump” song from the musical. I went with my mother and sister yesterday and have been raving to my husband about that song and how funny it was (as I’m 36 weeks pregnant) and figured I would just ask. Thanks a million and fantastic show by the way, I really enjoyed myself!!! – Jenna B.

My SIL & I recently attended the performance of The Mommies: A Musical Blog and were blown away with laughter. The show touched on everything from postpartum blues, to turning down sex post-baby, to potty training, to snotty teenage years. There was something for every mother, whether new or seasoned. The talented mommy actresses has us laughing, dancing, fist-pumping, and shouting “Mommies Rock!” from start to finish. – Katie, http://katieblake.blogspot.com

The Mommies: A Musical Blog Mental Health Review

Yesterday I went to see The Mommies: A Musical Blog. From a mental health perspective I was pleasantly surprised by the content of the play. It discussed aspects of motherhood from the time before the sperm even meets the egg to the empty nest. I believe the musical did a wonderful job of highlighting some of the struggles of motherhood and the emotions involved. During the scene discussing trying to conceive, the characters hit on the multitude of feelings such as sadness, guilt, embarrassment, and resentment when others around them are becoming pregnant and they are not. A musical number focusing on the postpartum period discussed feelings of baby blues, depression, lack of libido, and other struggles accurately and poignantly. In fact, the emotions portrayed were the same as many that I see in my office including confusion and guilt over why they don’t feel as they thought they should about their baby, resentment and sadness over losing a sense of self, and feelings of isolation and frustration.

Later in the play, struggles of being a mother to older children, tweens, and teenagers are hit upon in not only an accurate but also a humorous manner. The scene on tweens mentions the transition between childhood and the teenage years and how children often flip flop between the two. The scene on teenagers likens this stage as a battle, which I believe many parents will wholeheartedly agree on as teens begin to try to find their own sense of self.

The musical is not only an accurate portrayal of the feelings associated with motherhood and of the developmental milestones children and parents reach but also on the trends of our society today. The musical shows a mother’s tendency to search for answers on the “right” way to do everything from conceiving, potty training, and letting go and even highlights The SuperNanny in this quest. Also, as the name suggests, it is all about using the internet and technology to reach out to other mom’s to connect. Although this is definitely a trend, I do not agree that it is a helpful one when it takes the place of face to face, deeper interactions. Overall, I believe that any parents that decide to check out the play will find that they will be able to relate to stories. – Jessica S.  http://relationalmentalhealth.wordpress.com

I saw the show today with my mom, my best friend who is expecting her first, & her mom…and we all loved it! As a mom blogger myself, it seemed like you were telling the story of my life to a T!  Thanks for providing a great event for us to make a great memory from! – Heather Kahoun  http://www.twinkietotmom.com

“Priceless show.  Format unique and memorable.  Great cast.  Cul de sac contrasts – fantastic!”

“Best I’ve seen in a long time.”

“Bring your husbands.  They NEED to see this show!”

“Adorable very entertaining!  Loved it!”

A real hit!  Fabulous and oh so true!

This is just what I feel like every day as a MOM!

“Clever!  Wonderful! Delicious!”

“My favorite was Prozac in the Cul-de-Sac with a Big Mac!  Loved it!”